Having been (and still being)  a "people" photographer for over 30 years, these works take me on a separate journey from (my) work at Rogers Photography.   As the world becomes smaller via technology I take comfort in being able to create and become lost in "Ed Land". I hope you take the time to thoroughly review my creations and, if you like them,  share them with everyone you know! Every artist needs a pat on the back now and then and if you can't afford to purchase a piece at least reach out and let me know you like it.

Of Nuance and Subtly

On behalf of my fellow artists in all mediums: Most artists create works to be viewed in (at best) person. The next best option is on the largest screen available. The "last resort" is a tiny phone screen where all the subtleties are diminished. If you can help it, please don't view (any) artists work on a phone unless specifically created for such as you will surely be missing all the ever so important nuances and everyone knows "the devils in the detail"!


If you would like to contact me for more information about my work or commissions please use the "contact" form.

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