To me "style" is a four letter word. A slander. A dismissal.  To me "style" is like a straight jacket. Being known as having a "style" the surest way to die by social asphyxiation.

Creativity is the air we all breathe. Creativity is life itself. Whether it is painting with a brush or reinventing yourself. Everyone has an artistic spark in them. It doesn't mean they paint with a brush, or sculpt with their hands. It meansLife is dynamic. Weather changes, moods change, the world changes, people change. Art is dynamic.

There's nothing worse than hearing your favorite band write the same song over and over and over again. A formula works for scientists but not for artists. If you have a formula then you are not growing. You're just in it for the money.

don't ever want to be know as the (fill in the blank) guy. I create, realist, surrealistic, impressionistic, abstract, minimalist and every other type of art.  

Presented in progressive collections, these works take me in a completely different direction from Rogers Photography. They allow me to freely express myself visually without having to worry about "expectations" and are intended to provoke, engage and spark imagination in a cathartic manner. The beauty of the work is in the beholder as the final interpretation is left to them. I hope you enjoy my work and share it with everyone you know!

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